#148 - Blockchain + AI + Space🚀?! How to decentralize space traffic and operations, Parametry.ai [EN]


🌟 Are you a space enthusiast? Are you ready for a cosmic adventure? 🚀 Join us as we dive into the captivating universe of space exploration in our latest episode! Meet Red Boumghar, the visionary behind Parametry.ai, as he shares his passion for space and unveils the mission driving his groundbreaking venture. Discover why a decentralized space platform is crucial for our future and how Red's start-up is leading the charge towards sustainability and innovation.

🌍🛰️ Tune in for insights into cutting-edge technology, the parallels between space and the deep sea, and the exciting journey towards a greener tomorrow. Don't miss this stellar rendezvous as we embark on an exploration of infinite possibilities! 🎙️ Buckle up and get ready to expand your horizons with us. ✨

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